14 weeks

Posted: August 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

So here I am Labor day weekend 2014, I check my countdown clock and realize that my official power-lifting debut is in 14 weeks. I started training a few months ago but it seemed that December was so far away, not so much. I have aquired all of the gear I will need and my Coach has started to amp up my training.  Next week I will start lifting with my squat suit so I can start to learn how to use it properly.  

See most people when they start in this sport start out as RAW lifters what that means is the only “gear” they are using is a belt, knee wraps and wrist wraps. I on the other hand will be a geared lifter from the beginning. Why? good question, let me explain. Three years ago I had my right hip replaced, so in order for me to compete in a full power meet (squat,bench and dead lift) my wife and my coach are requiring that I wear a squat suit to support and help protect the hip. I will only be wearing the suit for the squat and I will be wearing power briefs during the dead lift, so for that reason I am considered a geared lifter. my gear is single ply not multi., ironically when I am benching I will be benching raw because my coach doesn’t want me to jump into the realm of bench shirts yet. I will eventually but not yet. 

So come Monday it gets real with increasing the assistance work and the poundage’s Wednesday starts the suit and we go from there. 

I had originally set my sights on a 900lb total however I may be adjusting that up.

til next time



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