14 weeks

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So here I am Labor day weekend 2014, I check my countdown clock and realize that my official power-lifting debut is in 14 weeks. I started training a few months ago but it seemed that December was so far away, not so much. I have aquired all of the gear I will need and my Coach has started to amp up my training.  Next week I will start lifting with my squat suit so I can start to learn how to use it properly.  

See most people when they start in this sport start out as RAW lifters what that means is the only “gear” they are using is a belt, knee wraps and wrist wraps. I on the other hand will be a geared lifter from the beginning. Why? good question, let me explain. Three years ago I had my right hip replaced, so in order for me to compete in a full power meet (squat,bench and dead lift) my wife and my coach are requiring that I wear a squat suit to support and help protect the hip. I will only be wearing the suit for the squat and I will be wearing power briefs during the dead lift, so for that reason I am considered a geared lifter. my gear is single ply not multi., ironically when I am benching I will be benching raw because my coach doesn’t want me to jump into the realm of bench shirts yet. I will eventually but not yet. 

So come Monday it gets real with increasing the assistance work and the poundage’s Wednesday starts the suit and we go from there. 

I had originally set my sights on a 900lb total however I may be adjusting that up.

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Getting back to real lifting

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So around 20 years ago (WTH) I started to dabble in the world of power-lifting. For those that don’t know what that is; it’s a sport that tests an individuals strength in three lifts, the bench press, deadlift and squat. During the meets you get three attempts per lift and the highest weight you correctly lift is the one that is recorded. these three number added together give you a total.

At the time I did one meet and it wasn’t a real meet but I won a trophy none the less. It was a competition put on by the Wellness center of Bucks County Community College All three lifts were done however all three attempts didn’t need to be completed in the same day. (back yard BS by todays standards) any way my numbers were as follows

Bench        240

Deadlift    345

Squat        425

Total        1110

Not bad considering I had the highest squat and I opened with 425 no one else came close, and from that moment on I was bitten by the iron bug so to speak.

Over the years I belonged to various gyms and have done various forms of exercise and have gained and lost more weight than I can count.   I’ve encountered many people in my journey and I seem to always find the best.

When I took up martial arts (Kenpo Karate) I found Dennis Nackord and John VanCleve and the rest of the crew at Nackord Karate.  When I finally decided to pull the trigger on lifting again who do I find the first man to Bench 900 and 1000 lbs. Gene Rychlack and the crew at Southside Iron.

Even though I’ve been in and out of weight rooms my whole life there was something intimidating when I first walked into Southside. It might have been the fact that Southide is a garage. It’s Gene’s personal gym that he opens up to people that are serious about lifting and looking to get as strong as they can be.  It’s the type of gym I’ve been looking for for a very long time.

Aside from having the lifting club Gene also is the founder and President of Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS). My son and I have decided that we would like to compete and with talking to Gene we decide on Christmas Carnage 12/6-7/2014 as our first meet.

So here I am 42 years old with an artificial hip going to compete in a power lifting competition. This first meet I will most likely be doing what they call a push,pull. no squatting because of the hip, however if training goes well I may squat.

That’s all for now stay tuned

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retool of the process

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So I started this thing as kind of an online diary so to speak. However I’ve decided to use it as my transformation storyboard with other things thrown in.

So Stay tuned there will be more to follow

Red Eye

Working out

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So I’ve been trying to get my workouts going and my new schedule is taking and adjustment but Its getting better. Today I went to the YMCA with my son where we are members and I couldn’t stand it I felt like I was working out in a retirement home. Nothing against senior citizens ,however , I don’t want to work out with them. Between that and the bubblegum pop music that was blaring it had to be one of the worst workouts I’ve ever had. Time to move on.

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Red eye


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So I was in the office at work and one of the supervisors was discussing a situation that occurred earlier with another driver, with the union steward. The situation was that the driver in question was told to go load his truck and the driver responded with the steward said I could do my paperwork then load the truck . The supervisor was saying load the truck then do the paperwork. Well apparently it got pretty heated and know the driver will have to go into the office and meet with the boss with a steward. He’ll probably get suspended due to his ignorance

My dogs

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I am the proud parent of two rescue dogs. My oldest is a 4 year old Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) she is a 120 lb lap dog. My youngest is a 9 month old Rottweiler German Shepard mix. He is rather interesting to watch. He is always trying to get the mastiff to play and half the time she looks at him like “seriously I’m sleeping” However, when she does decide to play is  it rather funny to watch them chase each other.


Recently we’ve had quite a bit of snow and the Corso hates it goes out only to handle business then wants to come right back in. The Puppy well that’s another issue, he will run and jump and try to throw snow in the air to catch it, rather entertaining he is. Sometimes I watch them and wonder what is going through their minds since I;m not a mind reader I’ll never know.


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The machine ballet

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So I’m sitting here waiting for my truck tone loaded and I’m watching the loaders.
I notice as the are whipping around on their pallet jacks that always seem to know the direction the other will go. How is this do they practice ? I don’t know sometimes they are nearly missing each other with their machines. It’s rather interesting to watch.

What am I thinking

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So here I am at 42 years old starting a blog. What the hell am I thinking?

So I have to say that I think this will be an interesting ride I drive a truck for a living and I see alot of interesting things while working, so i figure that AI can share them with the world through this medium and also some of the random thoughts and observations that go through my head on a daily basis.

With that said I’m going to sign off for now because I need to go to work see you tomorrow